Do you have an online shop and have found some great designs? But how do you use or download them?

Not to worry, in this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about downloading SVG files and opening them in your cutting software. But, first, let’s begin with where to find these files. 

Where To Find SVG Files?

SVG files are all over the internet and, numerous sites are offering free SVG cut images. Before we begin, let me list you a few that provides free SVG files. Then, you can download it easily from these sites.

How To Download SVG Cut Files?

You can explore any design and download it easily from the sites listed above. SVG cut files are precise and are easy to download from the download link. Select the image and right-click to choose ‘save link as’. Another similar option is “Save link file as” click it once and, you can download it from the browser.

After downloading, save the file to the local drive. Save it with a proper name to locate the file with ease when needed. 

Use SVG-grabber

The SVG files are not that difficult to download. However, some SVG files do not have download options. Svg-grabber is the chrome extension tool to download all the SVG image and vector graphics files from any web page. 

It allows you to preview all the SVG assets from any website quickly. The procedure to download is convenient. Find all the SVG extensions, add them in the ZIP file and save it in your local drive. 

Unzip The Files

When you download SVG images online, they usually come in zipped format. The zipped SVG folder has a bunch of vector graphics; unzip the files for further use. Use any third party to open the zipped files. You can use the ZIP extractor tool to extract the image. Select the folder and extract the files from the folder.

Using a third-party tool, you can see an open folder in the ZIP file after extraction. You will know the file has been extracted when the icon changes. The icon changes, save it on your PC. 

If you can’t find SVG files in your downloads, you can look for .svg extensions, which help find the SVG files.

How To Open SVG Files In-Cricut Design Space

Did you know you can create Cricut cut files with SVG mages? SVG images and SVG cut files are all over the internet, and the Cricut library is a paradise for designers where they get to experience the new world of design. In addition, there are numerous other sites which are noted in this article that lets you download SVG cut files.

After the extraction of ZIP files, you can move ahead with design space.

The procedure to open SVG files in Cricut design is simple and lucid, and you need to follow a few steps for it.

Step 1: Download Design Space

If you are new to using it, you can install or download Design Space from Google Chrome or any browser.

Step 2: Upload Image

After downloading, open the Design Space to make an SVG cut file. Select the option new project, and you will get an upload image page. Upload the image, be sure you are selecting SVG cut files; the image is stored on a computer with browser icons, making them easier to find. Click ‘continue’ to proceed.

Step 3: Name The Tags

After uploading the image, save the file and give the design an appropriate title to the file. You can name it based on the design or as per the URL name. After naming, add tags that define the image. 

For instance, you can select a flower image and put tags like petals, stems, flower color, and fragrance. 

Step 4: Save The Image

After mentioning the title and tags, save the image. The saved image will then appear on recently uploaded images. Finally, put it on canvas to ungroup. 

Step 5: Ungroup The Image

The image will appear on a blank canvas. You will find the ‘Layers’ panel on the right side, and you can see a separate layer for each element in the design. By default, the image is grouped right-click to ungroup the images. 

You can see cut options; select the image that you are willing to remove from the image.

That’s it! You can make any desired changes to the image. Customize the image and modify the design according to the requirement. When you are done and ready to cut, click ‘Make-it’.

This is the way to open SVG images in Design space and create Cricut cut files. 


This article discussed how to download SVG cut files and use Design Space for Cricut. Another easy way to download is to use the SVG Export extension; it allows you to view and open the SVG files. Check this article to know more about SVG images.

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