I’ve got a really juicy freebie for you this week, as it’s almost summer I thought I’d go for a summer theme and show you how to make your own Watermelon card in Silhouette Studio, and I’ve also included a free Watermelon Card in both SVG & DXF. You can download the Free File at the end of this post.

Other supplies you will need to complete this project;

4 Pieces of different colour card stock – Dark Green, Light Green, Red & Black (160gsm card)
Tape Pen or any glue of your choice.

Open your Silhouette Studio Software as usual.

Silhouette cameo project

First off, draw a circle approx 6.200 x 5.552 inches (remember you can make your own dimensions if you want, you don’t need to follow mine exact). This is going to be used as our ‘Base Card Layer’ Use the ruler guides to mark the centre of the circle.

Draw a circle

Draw two more circles, one approx 5.730 x 5.131 inches and the other approx 5.434 x 4.866 inches. These will be the inner parts of the melon.

If you want a bigger or smaller gap between each layer, place the two circles inside the bigger circle. This is so you can access the gap between each circle and adjust accordingly.

Silhouette Studio tutorials

Silhouette cameo tutorials

Use the knife tool to cut through the middle of the two smaller circles. (Move the circles away from the base layer, if you have done what I have in the above image. Be sure to keep them on the centre line of the ruler guide). Delete the top two parts of the circles. You should now be left with 2 semi-circles.


Knife tool in silhouette studioWatermelon card

Using the Draw a line tool, draw a line through the centre of the remaining circle. You don’t have to go right to the edge, this is going to act as the score line. You don’t have to complete this part if you are going to score manually.

Using draw a line tool sraw a line through the centre of the circle

Silhouette Studio tutorials

I’ve added a bit of colour to my shapes, just so I can see my design taking shape, plus it’s nice to add a little bit of colour sometimes. You can do this too by using the fill colour option.

Knife tool in Silhouette cameoIf you add colour and you find that some of the other objects disappear, this just means that that object is above the other objects in the layers panel, right click and select ‘Send to Back’.

All that’s left to create now is the ‘seeds’ of the watermelon. Draw an oval approx 0.194 x 0.464 inches (this is just a guide you can make your seeds as big or as small as you want)

Draw oval for seed

Press alt and drag to duplicate the seeds. You can also duplicate by going to Object – Replicate and selecting one of the options from the drop down window. Place them on your watermelon. (If the seeds seem to disappear, right click and select ‘Bring to front’)

Select all the seeds, hold down the Ctrl button and select each one, right click and select group.

Watermelon card in silhouette studio

That’s it, that’s our watermelon card. Now it’s all ready to be cut.

Knife tool in Silhouette cameo

The cut settings I used are – Blade 5, Speed 3, Thickness 33 – I’d suggest doing a test cut before cutting.

Silhouette Studio uk

Separate the layers for cutting. In the cut settings window, the line in the middle of the Base Card Layer needs the Perforate Edge option selected. The remaining layers just need the cut option selected.

When you’re preparing your layers to cut, remember to leave the layers you’re not currently cutting off the cutting mat. For example, when cutting the green base layer, only the green layer needs to be in the ‘white’ part of the screen.

Now there is an option to cut by colour, however I’m not to familiar with it, (I know it’s something I will work on). This method is the one i’m used to, but please feel free to use the cut by colour method if you have done before.

Seperate layers ready to cut

Prepare your silhouette and card for cutting. As you can see I’m currently using A4 card, I don’t yet have any 12×12 card, I’m working on it! You can adjust your page size in the Design Page Settings window to A4 if you’re like me and have a mass of A4 card to use.

cutting card with silhouette cameo

These are all the pieces cut out, now all we need to do is stick the pieces together.

silhouette cameo tutorials

Silhouette studio hints and tips card making with silhouette cameo

Here’s the completed card. I haven’t put a sentiment or anything yet as I’m not sure what i’m going to use it for, but it’s always a good one to keep in the collection. Especially for a summer birthday.

Cutting card with silhouette cameo

The glue I used to stick the layers was a Tape Pen by Stix to anything

This weeks freebie is the watermelon card, I design all my files in Adobe Illustrator where I then convert too SVG and DXF files. In my tutorials I like to show you how you can create similar Designs within the Silhouette Studio Software. Files are for personal use only.

If you want to purchase the commercial use license for this file and all our other freebies visit our Etsy store

Silhouette studio inspiration

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope this post has inspired you to get designing with Silhouette Studio. Please share your creations with me, using this weeks Free Watermelon Card, on Pinterest,Facebook or Instagram, I’d love to see.

Happy Crafting!


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