Which Cricut Accessories & Supplies Do I Need? Reviews And Tutorials

If it’s your first purchase of a Cricut machine, you might get overwhelmed by the number of tools, products, and materials available for your creative projects. But it’s not necessary to buy every accessory and supply. 

Depending on the type of project you want to take with your machine, you can search for the required supplies. It’s best to start with a relatively simple project initially to avoid purchasing multiple accessories at once. 

In this post, we have reviewed several Cricut accessories and supplies that will help you unlock several creative possibilities. 

Must-Have Cricut Accessories and Supplies to Make the Most Out of Your Craft Machine 

#1 Cricut Basic Tool Set

The Cricut toolset is the first thing you need because it is a five-piece set required to deal with multiple materials. You can snip, weed, lift, or burnish using these tools. Commonly this toolset is needed for paper, vinyl, and iron-on projects. 

The 6.5×10.25 inches tool set contains one pair of scissors, one scrapper, one spatula, one pair of tweezers, and one weeder. You can use a weeding tool to remove the bits of vinyl. Similarly, a scrapper is useful while working with paper. 

All in all, this Cricut basic tool set is helpful in almost every project. Also, it comes in three colors, i.e., grey, mint, and core colors. So, you can choose any one color that you like the most. 

#2 Sticky Mats

When you purchase a Cricut machine, it comes with one or two mats. But it’s recommended to purchase extra mats because you will use them for every project. Ideally, people use this cutting mat because it comes in two different sizes, i.e., 12″ x 12″ and 12″ x 14″. 

This mat set includes 3 pieces, which works perfectly for Cricut explore Air/Maker/Air 2/One. An interesting thing about it is that it’s made of environmentally friendly and durable, non-toxic PVC.

In addition, the cutting mat does not have a bad smell, and it can be used more than 50 times. Also, this mat comes in four colors, i.e., FabricGrip, LightGrip, StrongGrip, and StandardGrip. 

#3 Cricut Scoring Stylus 

If you are interested in making papercraft, you need a tool to help you achieve perfection. And Cricut Scoring Stylus is the exact time. This scoring stylus can be used to get perfect creases to make giant flowers, envelopes, cards, boxes, and more. 

While it’s a useful tool, you should skip purchasing it if you don’t want to work with paper. That’s because it doesn’t work for other materials. 

#4 Cricut EasyPress 2 Machine

You will require iron for a few Cricut projects. But you must not use any ordinary iron. Instead, invest in an EasyPress 2 machine because it can help you get the most precise application of infusible ink and HTV (Heat-Transfer Vinyl used for iron-on projects). 

This machine is effective because you can set it for the desired time and exact temperature. This way, you can achieve the best result.The EasyPress 2 machine comes in two different sizes, i.e., 10″ x 10″ and 12″ x 10″. Also, it comes in three colors, which include lilac, raspberry, and mint. 

The machine is lightweight, easy to store, and portable. Thus, you will have peace of mind when traveling with it. 

#5 Colorbok Smooth Cardstock

If you have recently started making creative items using Cricut, you need Colorbok smooth cardstock. These colorful sheets are ideal for experimenting because they are inexpensive and easy to find. 

With the cardstock on your side, you will no longer regret making mistakes on expensive Cricut supplies. So, hurry and purchase them to start making simple cards and flowers. 

#6 Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set

Whether you want to make a card or write sweet notes, you can express yourself colorfully with the Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set. This set includes 30 pens of attractive colors that you can use to write and draw with Cricut explore machines. 

You can make cards or invites with these pens by giving them a personalized touch with handwritten fonts. Also, draw gorgeous coloring pages for adults and children and add phrases or framed art to scrapbook pages. 

It comes in five styles: fine point, washable, multi-pen set collection, and 5 counts (pack of 1). 

#7 Cricut Portable Trimmer

Do you want to cut the materials with precise measurements so that there is minimum wastage? Well, in that case, you can consider getting a Cricut Portable Trimmer. This unique product takes out the stress of not making needed straight cuts. 

It has a dimension of 38.862 H x 1.27 L x 16.764 W. One thing that makes this product unique is the easy-glide blade system, which offers straight cuts every time. Also, the dual-hinged rail makes it super simple to measure and cut materials from either side. 

#8 Cricut Premium Vinyl – Removable

If you have recently started making crafts with a Cricut machine, you can invest in removable vinyl so that you can change its placement when required. The impressive thing about this removable vinyl is that it doesn’t fall off easily. 

You can apply this removable to different base materials. Also, when you remove it, there is no residue on the surface. This makes it ideal for wall decoration, decals, and labels. Using a Cricut machine, you can easily make precise cuts. 

The premium vinyl includes 12 Black, White, Teal, Fuchsia, Wine, Coffee, Bright Yellow, Cream, Light Purple, Vivid Blue, Cardinal Red, and Green. It’s ideal for both beginners and professionals. 

#9 Cricut Everyday Iron-on

Do you want to make iron-on t-shirts, pillow covers, and similar creative items? If so, you should invest in Cricut everyday iron-on. There are different options as well, but this one is the right option to begin your journey with. 

This high-temperature vinyl comes in four different sizes, i.e., pack of one, three sheets, twelve sheets, and 12 x 12. Also, you get an option to choose from different styles. This one-of-a-kind heat transfer vinyl can give you the kind of result you want. 

Using a Cricut machine, you can easily make defined and intricate cuts without fail. This product won’t disappoint you whether you are a beginner or a professional. Not to mention, you can add three layers to give an interesting look to your project. 

#10 Cricut Transfer Tape

Do you want to work with vinyl? Well, in that case, it’s essential to purchase a Cricut transfer tape because it can make it easy for you to get your vinyl design from backing onto the blank of your choice. 

It’s not the kind of item that looks interesting, but it surely is something that you need to work correctly with vinyl. 

#11 Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets

If you want to make unique T-shirts or pillow covers, you should consider getting Cricut infusible ink transfer sheets. That’s because once you iron the design on a fabric, it gets there permanently. It won’t fade or peel. 

This transfer sheet comes in multiple colors. Each pack comes with 12 inches x 12 inches (30.5-centimeter x 30.5 centimeters), Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets, and 2 sheets of butcher paper. It protects all your Cricut products from getting ink on them during the heat transfer process. 

When you put a high temperature on these sheets, they blossom into vibrant. It results in seamlessly smooth transfers. So, purchase these infusible ink transfer sheets and use them with Cricut smart machine or create unique things. 

#12 Cricut Knife Housing & Blade

You will need Cricut knife housing & blade if you wish to cut thicker materials like c3/32″ balsa wood, 2 mm tooled leather, 4-ply matboard, 2 

mm, Cricut Chipboard. It includes 1 premium 12 mm carbide blade. You must not use it for cutting material that is smaller than ¾”. 

The interesting thing about Cricut knife housing & blade is its fine point blades that are durable. And you can further increase their durability by using an aluminum foil ball trick. So, if you like it, you can buy it now. 

#13 Cricut Fabric Pen

Do you want to use your Cricut machine to sew patterns and mark different pieces? If so, you will need a Cricut fabric pen. This particular fabric pen is a total game-changer because it’s washable. 

The five tips are helpful for making embroidery lines on cotton-based fabric or instructional markings on sewing patterns. This fabric pen can even be used for making fabric crafts. But you must only use it with the Cricut machine. 

#14 Foil Transfer Kit

A foil transfer kit should be your choice if you want to work with foil. This 3 in 1 tool can help you create various projects with stunning foil effects. With this transfer kit on your side, you can make your project shine without much effort. 

To make this kit work, you need to use a Cricut machine so that you can transfer your designs. Then you can peel to reveal the stunning result that you have created. And then, admire the glimmer and gleam. 

When purchasing this foil transfer kit, you get 1 foil transfer tool housing, 3 foil transfer tips- bold, medium, and fine, and 12 foil transfer sheets. 

#15  Brayer & Remover Tools

If you use your Cricut machine for cutting fabrics, you need Brayer & remover tools to make your life easier. Using this tool, you can smooth down the fabric. Also, you can eliminate any kind of wrinkles or air bubbles that get formed unintentionally.  

The tweezer that comes with the tool can help you remove little pieces of threads and fabrics that get stuck. This toolset works perfectly with craft paper, HTV vinyl, leather, veneer, fabric, cardstock, and more. 

#16 XL Scrapper

Most people think that scrapers are not an essential tool, but actually, they are. Its primary purpose is helping in transferring vinyl without any hassle. You should get a bigger scrapper because it can deliver amazing results. 

Using this jumbo size scrapper, you can easily clean machine mats in no time. It also removes scraps and debris, increasing the mat’s lifespan. That means XL scrapper is worth the price. 

#17 Cricut Sewing Kit

The last item is a Cricut sewing kit with six sewing and quilting essentials. It’s a must-have for anyone interested in sewing. It includes a tape measure, cute Cricut-shaped pin cushion, seam ripper, fabric sheers, and a leather thimble. 

This kit is made using premium quality stainless stain, which lasts for a good amount of time. Purchase it now and change the way you sew using the Cricut machine. 

Conclusion: Take Your Projects to the Next Level with These Cricut Accessories

When it comes to Cricut accessories, you can find a lot of items. But the accessories recommended in this post can enable users to be more creative without spending too much. The suggested items can make it easy for you to work with the Cricut machine by making the process enjoyable. 

By using the right accessories and supplies, you can take any of your projects to the next level. So, if you think that any of the suggested items can help you, purchase them today.

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