What is an SVG File

SVG is the acronym for Scalable Vector Graphics. SVG defines vector graphics through the web. Although, as a designer, you must be aware of the difficulties of pixel files, SVG does not rely on pixel format. Instead, a vector image is used.

SVG file surely levels up the resolution, but it has other benefits too. SVG is a world wide web consortium that means the SVG can operate with open standard languages like JavaScript, DOM, CSS, and HTML.

What Is an SVG File Made Of?

SVG files are graphics built using vectors. For the novice, a vector is an element that has a specific direction and magnitude. You can create vector graphics by adding different vectors altogether. 

For instance, take a circle example; you can easily create a circle in your PC’s drawing pad; it is a png or jpg image used for drawing illustration and graphics. You can replicate the same design in SVG file format using XML code. 

If we explain this in theory, you can use the XML file and drop it in an HTML file, and you will see a similar illustration in PNG, considering the browser supports SVG files.

Both images look similar, but SVG goes further beyond in benefits. It retains the quality as the image scales up or down.

When you zoom PNG file types, the image quality downgrades at some point. But, at the same time, when compared with pixels, the image quality downgrades much faster.

However, the SVG image looks expedient in any resolution. Take a look at an SVG file.

What Are SVG Files Used For?

The SVG files are impressive in creating interesting designs and logos. Creating and cutting images like a circle or rectangle in pixels is easy, but it becomes difficult when the designs are complex. SVG helps in cutting the vector images that do not compromise the resolution of the image.

SVG format provides fantastic options to create:

  • Diagrams- SVGs are the perfect match for diagrams and any other kind of illustration that relies on lucid lines.
  • Logo Design- Logos and icons are used across websites and social media; using an SVG file resolves the issue of scalability.
  • Animated Elements- To make the images into an animated design, you can use CSS. It helps in curating a design that works irrespective of devices. 
  • Charts and Graphs- Create scalable graphs, charts, and animated images with SVG images.

2 Ways to Create SVG Files

There are two different approaches to create SVG files. You can either use the creative brain and curate the SVG image from scratch or take any existing image from the internet and convert it into an SVG file.

Create SVG From Scratch

Creating SVG files does not mean you to be an ace programmer who can type and run programs. You can create SVG files like any other graphics, use design programs or create it on paint in your PC and then save the file as SVG.

Some top options to create SVG files are:

  • Adobe Illustrator- Adobe Illustrator is known for creating and editing vector graphics. Adobe Illustrator is an open-source platform that helps in creating SVG format files.
  • Inkscape- It is a free vector drawing and editing tool.
  • GIMP- GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program; as the name suggests, you can manipulate and customize the SVG files in this program.
  • Microsoft Visio- It helps in creating graphs, diagrams, and flowcharts.


These are the sites through which you can create and edit an SVG file. Among these, Inkscape is one of the most popular designing platforms which is used by many.

Convert An Existing File into An SVG File

The free tools help you in converting images into SVG files. The sites above are known for curating precise SVG files. If you want to move ahead of these websites, you can use software that helps cut .jpeg, .png files into .svg, .eps. You can use the Vector Magic conversion tool to create SVG files.

When you download these files, they come in zipped format; here is an article that explains how to open an SVG file. 

Advantages Of SVG

SVG files are written in XML code; it is a markup language code, which specifies the colour, size, and font of the text included in the image.

The SVG files are powerful and useful for website content; let us look at some of their advantages.

Infinite Scalability

It’s omnipresent in the name of, SVG which can be shrunk or expanded to any size without loss of quality. Furthermore, the vector images do not change with size, so SVG format files do not look different with the change in size or display device. 

This is important because users can open the website on any tablet, phone, or PC device. Based on the viewer’s device, the browser window dimensions change with the size layout, and the SVG files render the image that fits well in any device. 


The SVG image empowers the developer and designer to control changes in overall appearance. Rather than modifying each SVG file, employ SVG compatible editing tools and programs to change the SVG image’s colour gradient, shapes, and layers.

Accessibility And Search Engine Optimization

SVG text files are indexed by search engine pages like Google. Therefore, you can place heavy-text infographics with keywords and improve the rank of your website. In addition, SVG files are text-based, so they can be embedded on the search engine page, making it accessible to viewers through devices, enhancing the page’s ranking.


One of the noticeable advantages of using SVG files is that it is relatively smaller in size than bitmap file formats. That means users can access the images in lesser time, as the downloading time of images decreases. 

What Is an SVG Cut File?

SVG cut file is a digital image that can be saved and worked with a cutting machine-like design space or Silhouette cut.

Silhouette uses silhouette cut, and the circuit uses design space to cut and edit the vector images. These are free sites, which gives you the platform to articulate the SVG file to the SVG cut file.


Adapting the website to use SVG files is smooth, like a breeze than you imagine. The real challenge is designing it from scratch or selecting an image for converting to SVG cut file format. Thankfully various websites are offering the services listed in the article that you can use for both. 

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