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While on the web, you may have come across files with ‘SVG’ extension. The typical file formats are JPEG, PNG, and GIF; these utilize raster graphics. Raster graphics means the image is stored in a grid of pixels, and these are called bitmaps. 

Each pixel’s color orientation and location are stored in individual grids. When the image is zoomed in larger than its size, the image becomes blurry and hideous.

Here is an example of a JPEG image. Again, you can zoom in to understand the bitmap image. 

In comparison, the SVG images use vector graphics that define the image. The vector images are stored in the calculation with dimension and direction. 

Thus, the vector images are the product of mathematical calculation; they are not stored in small bits. Furthermore, since it is backed up by programs and codes, the SVG images are resolution independent. 

How To View SVG Files?

The modern web browsers support viewing of SVG files. You can view the SVG files on Google Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari so, if you have an offline saved scalable vector graphic file, open and view them with these browsers. 

Navigate To Downloaded files

You can view the scalable vector graphic files with no additional effort; most of the graphical files can be opened and viewed in the browser with ease. But, if you want to use the browser as an offline SVG viewer, you have to navigate it to the folder where the downloaded file is stored. You can see it is saved with the browser icon, or it can be simply blank.

Open The File

Right-click on the file and choose the “open with” option. Next, click on your most used or favourite browser. Most of the modern browser supports SVG files. 

View The Document

The SVG image will open in the browser. When you open the file, you can see the web address points to your local document instead of a web page.


SVG files are created through Adobe Illustrator, and the same tool can be used for opening the SVG files. Some Adobe programs are Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Adobe InDesign programs that support SVG files.  Some non-Adobe programs which are known for opening SVG files are CorelDraw.  


Some other tools are Microsoft Visio, Corel Draw Paintshop Pro, and CADSoftTools ABViewer. The free tools are Inkscape and GIMP. Use a text editor to view SVG files.


Alternatively, you can convert the SVG extensions to PNG format with the help of a free online converter. PNG is a raster format; it lets you view in the conventional image viewing application. However, in this procedure, you lose the scalability of the image. 

Get Universal File Viewer

If the SVG file is not opening in the browser, you can get a universal file viewer. The universal file viewer like File magic can save the day. File magic is known for opening numerous types of file formats and viewing SVG files


SVG files are written in XML format, and this helps in modifying and customization of images with ease. In this article, we have narrowed down the possible methods to open an SVG file. You can check this article to understand how to open SVG files in Circuit Design Space and Silhouette Studio.  

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