As Autumn (or fall) will soon be with us here in the Northern Hemisphere, I have an autumn themed tutorial for you today. I am going to show you how to create an Autumn themed tag in your Silhouette Studio Software. Not forgetting, at the end of this tutorial I have a Free ‘Hello Autumn’ and ‘Hello Fall’ Tag freebie for.

Here is a sneaky peek at the freebies, I’ll also be showing you how to create this similar design in Silhouette Studio.

Hello Autumn and Fall

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Open your Silhouette Studio Software and lets get started…….

1: Draw 2 circles, one smaller than the other as shown. (You can draw one circle and apply an Internal offset) – Go to Object – Offset and choose internal offset from the dialogue box on the right.

Once you are happy with the gap between your small and bigger circle click apply. (The size of the gap is entirely up to you, but I will suggest a chunkier gap will make it easier to work with.)

Select both circles, right click and select ‘Make Compound Path’

Free autumn fall svg cutting files for silhouette

2: Open any files you would like to use for your tag, in this example I am using one of my leaf designs from my Autumn Leaves Design Set.

Unsure how to open SVG or DXF files in Silhouette Studio? – Click here for a tutorial on how to open SVG or DXF files in Silhouette Studio

Silhouette studio autumn ideas

This leaf design is double layered, and I only want to use the one layer so I have ungrouped (right click – Ungroup) and deleted the top red layer. So I am left with the below image.

Silhouette cameo tutorials

3: Type out the word or phrase you want to use for the tag, in this example I am using Hello Autumn.

I have also applied an offset of 0.10 as I wanted the font to be a little bit thicker. This font also comes with extra glyphs which are PUA encoded (which means we can use the fancy swirls and glyphs in our cutting software!!) – Click here for more on using PUA encoded fonts in Silhouette Studio

Free svg cutting files

The font I have used here is Florabella and is available from The Hungry JPEG for $1

4: Now arrange the leaves and words in the circle overlapping the inner circle slightly. Ensure that they do not overlap the outer part of the circle, as when you go to weld it’ll make the outer circle look a little wonky.

 Silhouette cameo tutorial

Select all the pieces and weld. Now if you’re not ahppy with the positioning once you have welded, click undo and rearrange them again, I had to do that a few times before I was happy with the layout.

You should end up with something like this….

Autumn svg cutting files

……and that’s it, a nice quick and easy tag for your autumn or fall projects, you can use this same concept for Birthday Tags or even….dare I say it…Christmas Tags…there I said it!

Here are some of the Design Elements and Fonts Used in this Tutorial: – Click on the picture to view more details.

Autumn and fall leaves by ESI DEsigns

Keep Scrolling for the freebie link…..

This weeks Free SVG/DXF file is the Hello Autumn and Fall Tag Designs as shown at the beginning of this post. I design all my files in Adobe Illustrator where I then convert too SVG and DXF files. In my tutorials I like to show you how you can create similar Designs within the Silhouette Studio Software. Files are for personal use only.

Cut that design free svg cutting files

*This post contains an affiliate link, by clicking and purchasing via this link I may receive a small commission. This allows me to continue to offer you Free cutting files as well as bringing you tutorials and other exciting things to do with your Silhouette and Cricut Explore machines.

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope this post has inspired you to experiment with designing in your Silhouette Studio Software. If you want to stay up to date with my tutorials and freebies then please feel free to follow me on: Pinterest,Facebook or Instagram.

Happy Crafting

Vicky xx

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