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Design a Football in Cricut Design Space + Free SVG & DXF file

Today I’m showing you how to design your own Football in Cricut Design Space. This one is mainly for my readers across the pond, just in case you haven’t read my about me, I live in the North of England in the UK, and our Football is what you call soccer, which confuses me sometimes when designing….it’s easily done!! I do like to cater for everyone though.

I also have a freebie football for you at the end of this post, in both SVG and DXF format, if you’re opening in Cricut Design Space I always recommend opening the SVG files, as DXF files tend to be all messed up when you open them in CDS.

Here’s a Sneaky Peek of today’s freebie:

Free SVG Cutting Files

Unsure how to open SVG files in Cricut Design Space? Click here for my tutorial on how to open SVG files in Cricut Design Space.

Lets get started…..

….open Cricut Design Space and Start a New Project.

1: First, draw an oval shape using the ‘Circle’ shape in the ‘Insert Shapes’ option on the left of the screen.

For this next step, to draw a rectangle you will need to uncheck the ‘padlock’ which is at the bottom right of the bounding box when a shape is selected.

To draw the ‘stitches’, use the ‘Square’ option and draw one Horizontal rectangle and five vertical rectangles (what i did here is draw one vertical rectangle and duplicate it four more times, the duplicate option can be found at the bottom right of the layers panel, you will need to click on the layers tab to be able to see it) – I then positioned the vertical lines through the middle of the horizontal line as shown.

Free svg cutting files

Once you are happy with the positioning of the ‘stitches’, select all the rectangles and click on weld.

Football svg cutting file

2: To draw the white stripes of the football we will be using the slice tool, as you may or may not know the slice tool will only slice two objects at a time. So my work around is to make 2 objects in to one.

Draw 3 rectangles (or draw one and duplicate), position two of the rectangles in front of the oval shape you drew earlier, put them in a position where you think the white stripes would be on a normal football (something like I have done in the image below.)

With your third rectangle, (if you have duplicated it rotate it by 90 degrees so it is horizontal) place it overlapping the two other rectangles – as shown.

Select the rectangles and weld.

Cricut Design Space tutorial

Next, Select the oval shape and duplicate.

Slice tool in cricut design space

Move the duplicated oval to the front of the original oval.

Select the top oval and the welded rectangles (as shown) – Click the Slice option.

Cricut explore tutorials

3: Once sliced you’ll end up with something like the image below, and a few unwanted pieces.

Weld tool in Cricut Design Space

Delete all the unwanted pieces so you’re left with the shapes in the image below:

weld cricut explore

Piece all the parts together to form you football, and there you have your football.

football cricut explore

You can purchase my commercial use Football Designs and Monograms set from The Hungry JPEG – Click on the image below for further details.


Keep Scrolling for the freebie link….

This weeks Free SVG/DXF file is the Football Design shown at the beginning of this post, (minus the watermark), I design all my files in Adobe Illustrator where I then convert too SVG and DXF files. In my tutorials I like to show you how you can create similar Designs within the Cricut Design Space software. Files are for personal use only.Cut that design free svg cutting files

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope this post has inspired you to experiment with designing in your Cricut Design Space Software. If you want to stay up to date with my tutorials and freebies then please feel free to follow me on: Pinterest,Facebook orInstagram.

Happy Crafting

Vicky xx

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